Mutual Fund Guide For NRIs To Invest In India

NRI invest in mutual funds

How Can An NRI Invest In Mutual Funds In India?

I am an NRI. I want to know which is more beneficial- investing in an offshore fund or investing directly in mutual funds in India?
— Ramesh Jayapal

Ankita Tanna Narsey, founder, Oaktree Financial Advisors, responds:

The first option is to invest in any of the India-focused offshore mutual funds or ETFs operating in your home country. These India-dedicated mutual fund schemes invest in a diversified basket of Indian companies, usually with the help of research inputs from their Indian subsidiaries or other Indian fund houses. Several Indian fund houses also peddle their offshore funds abroad.

The advantage of investing through these offshore funds is that you can invest in your own currency. But the downside is many of these funds charge a steep entry load to investors.

Besides these, NRIs can also invest in mutual funds domiciled within India, using their NRE or NRO account. These funds do not charge any entry load, but the investment is in rupees. NRI investors should be cognizant of the exchange rate risk while investing in rupee terms. If you are based in the US or Canada, you can’t invest in certain funds

Also, understand the tax formalities that you’ll have to go through in your resident country.